Professional cleaning services after renovations

Surviving the renovation

Surviving renovations isn’t easy. The whole process – starting from the idea and finishing with cleaning the debris after – can be very painful. You need to get used to the word ‘temporary’. You have to jungle through random furniture, buckets with paint, ladders, rolls of wallpaper, boxes, plastic and temporary lamps.

Renovation Disaster
Furniture and boxes everywhere: Gosh!

Who we are

We are a cleaning company that specializes on the cleaning after the works are done. We come as much-needed help when you are already exhausted with the painful process of changes. Our dedication and expertise make all the difference! We have 16 years of experience in cleaning and housekeeping services.

After the Works
Finally it’s over!

How to clean after the renovation

First step

Here’s a riddle for you: what is the first step to clean after the works?

Available options:

  1. Windows
  2. Floor
  3. Walls

And the answer is: none of the above. The cleaning starts from good protection of your surfaces even before you open the first can with paint.  Isolate the area of renovation from other living spaces. Do not allow the construction dust to leak into your life. What’s most important, important of all, is the protection of your floors while painting.

Floor Protection
Make sure to protect your floors


Construction dust is produced mostly by sanding and sawing.  It is very fine and light, and it also likes to “travel”. So, the first thing we do, we check the windows. Clean and transparent windows give half the impression of cleanliness.

Clean Windows
Windows are to create the impression of cleanliness

Next step, to check all the surfaces. Walls, counters, furniture should be free of dust. There are certain places where it can hide. Out task is to find and eliminate it. Lastly, we polish the floor.


The equipment that we use to clean up after interior works is there to serve one goal: to lock up the dust. Other equipment include: microfiber rags, extensions to reach to farther places, professional mops and ergonomic caddies.

Chemical products

We use professional chemical products produced by well-known laboratories, all with sustainability and ecological certificates. We are in constant research on what product is best for a specific need. We will publish results of our recent studies here when the time comes.

Customer’s satisfaction

We go extra mile for our clients. Our clients are mostly construction companies that is why the satisfaction of the end customer is crucial for us. Some customers like this one here like to watch:

Our client’s husky is watching closely our work

“Do you, guys, offer, like, regular cleaning?”

This is the question that we are asked very often. And the answer is, yes, we do offer regular cleaning. Please inquire here to get more details.

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